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Axel and Ólafía Þórunn elected Golfers of the Year 2017 by the Icelandic Golf Union

In December last year (2017) the Icelandic Golf Union chose, as it does annually, the Golfers of Year 2017. The Golfers of the Year 2017 in Iceland are Ólafía Þórunn Kristinsdóttir (GR) and Axel Bóasson (GK). Ólafía Þórunn had great success in her first season on the LPGA Tour, which is the world’s strongest women´s professional golf tour. She ended up in T-73 on the Race to the CME Globe and thus has priority to play in all LPGA tournaments in the 2018 season. Ólafía Þórunn also took part in 3 major championships of the 5 in women´s golf. She is the first Icelander to play in a major. In Read more

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An ace in Iceland – History of the Einherja Club

When one gets an ace (hole in one) in Iceland most will report it to the Einherja Club in Iceland, to become members of that distinguished club. One has to register the hole in one on the internet on the following website: http://einherjaklubburinn.net The Einherja Club keeps track of how many Icelanders get an ace on Iceland´s golfcourses. The following information are taken from the Clubs website. “Only less than 1% achieve a hole in one in Iceland on a yearly basis. Looking at the statistic from the beginning approximately 2800 aces have been recorded in Iceland. Of about 40.000 golfers in Iceland only a 130 get a hole in Read more

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„We both got guns Jon Rahm”

Icelandic LPGA-golfer Ólafía Þórunn Kristinsdóttir is one Icelander who´s met the new no. 2 on the official world golf ranking list, Spain´s hunk, John Rahm. John Rahm won his 2nd tournament on the PGA Tour, the Career Builders Challenge January 21st 2018. That was on „the Golden Bear´s” (Jack Nicklaus) birthday and Rahm thereby knocked Jordan Spieth out of the no 2 seat on the owgr list. One of Rahm’s sponsors is KPMG who also sponsors Ólafía Þórunn and the two met at a „get together” on behalf of KPMG. Ólafía Þórunn posted a photo taken of the two on that occasion on her website and next to the photo Read more

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Ólafía Þórunn Sportsperson of the Year 2017 in Iceland

Ólafía Þórunn Kristinsdóttir, a golfer from the Reykjavík Golf Club, was named Sportsperson of the Year 2017 in Iceland on December 28 last year (2017). Ólafía Þórunn is the first Icelandic woman to play on the American based LPGA and succeed there too. She has set all kinds of records, e.g. she is the Icelandic woman who has ranked the highest on the Women´s Rolex World Ranking List. The election of the Icelandic Association of Sports Reporters, which takes place in Iceland every year in December, took place now for the 62nd time. Ólafía Þórunn received 422 points out of a total of 540. The soccer players Aron Einar Gunnarsson Read more

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Introducing: The President of the Icelandic Golf Union – Haukur Örn Birgisson

On November 23rd 2013, Haukur Örn Birgisson got elected President of the Icelandic Golf Union.  He had been adherent to the Union, first as an employee  and then on the board continously for almost a decade, the last 2 years as Vice President. In the past 5 years Haukur Örn has served as President of the Icelandic Golf Union he has proven himself and is very well liked. Icelandic golf has never been on such a high as last year, 2017. Last year it was announced and it came as no surprise that Haukur Örn was to become the President of the European Golf Union. Here is an older interview Read more

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FJ releases an ad made on Icelandic golf courses

In order to test if every day can truly be playable, FJ took four golfers and a full range of products to the remote golf destination of Iceland. Featuring volatile weather conditions and spectacular golf courses, Iceland proved to be the perfect test for the players and the products. The courses in Iceland the add was shot at was the spectacular golf course on the Westman Islands on one hand and the Brautarholt golf course north of Reykjavík on the other. Brautarholt is Iceland´s latest golf course, whereas the golfclub on the Westman Islands is the countries 3rd oldest club, founded on December 4th 1938 and will thus celebrate its Read more

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Merry Christmas and a Happy new year 2018!!!

Golf 1 wishes its readers and all golfers from near and far a merry Christmas and a prosperous and blessed year 2018 with many joyfilled rounds of golf! May you achieve all your goals on the golfcourse 2018, big or small and may your handicap go down and you optimism and positiveness up! We hope to see you on one of Iceland´s 62 golf courses this coming summer and fall 2018, since if you come your in for a unique experience, where you a.o. play golf in lava fields and other extrodinary features in Iceland´s landscape. Who wouldn´t want to play golf next to a spouting Geysir (hotspring) or close Read more

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Play on a historical site and see Elves stones on the Golf Course of Kirkjuból in Sandgerði!

Very close to Leif Ericson´s airport in Iceland is the small fishing village of Sandgerði, which has a population of 1580, which makes it Iceland´s 23. largest village. In Sandgerði is the beautiful 18 hole Golf Course of Kirkjuból; one of Iceland´s 62 Golf Course gems. The Golf Club of Sandgerði (in Icelandic: Golfklúbbur Sandgerðis; abbreviated: GSG) recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, but it was founded in 1986. The GSG Golf Course is well known and liked by golfers in Iceland. It is one of the few Golf Courses in Iceland, which is open almost all year round – even during wintertime and is usually among the first to open in spring. Kirkjuból Read more

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Men are not allowed to use hairdryers on their privates in Iceland!

Well, if you come to Iceland and go swimming in one of our gorgeous 170 swimming pools, which by the way most are outdoor swimming pools, be aware that after you return to shower and dry off,  you´re not allowed to use hairdryers on your privates. It´s the geothermally natural hot water, which Iceland has alot of, that enables Icelanders to build swimmingpools outdoors. There are special signs prohibiting men to use hairdryers on their privates in some swimmingpools, but the same applies of course also to women. Please notice also, that the same applies if you shower and dry off in a golf club after having played a round Read more

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The Lava Challenge – Play Golf in Iceland in the Midnight Sun June 20th-21st 2016!!!

The Lava Challenge is a 36 hole tournament, played on two of the most prestigious courses Iceland has to offer; at Keilir Golf Club and Oddur Golf Club. During the months of June and July the sun only sits for a brief moment during the night which gives ample light to play golf through midnight and into the early hours of the morning. Midnight golf in Iceland is an incredible golfing experience, which many golfers from around the world come to enjoy. Lava puts a large mark on both courses and offers an exciting experience for golfers. The Lava Challenge takes place in the third week of June each year. Read more