Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir | október. 19. 2013 | 08:15

An Icelandic Elf in the Voice of Germany

This may not seem as the most appropriate news flash on a golfwebsite, but since everyone here in Iceland is so overjoyed, we will just go on and  publish it.

Þórunn Egilsdóttir, an Icelandic singer took part in the Voice of Germany last night, October 18th 2013. Nothing is so far known about her ability though to swing a club and hit the little white pellet, which is the favorite subject matter of this page.

On the other hand Þórunn turned all 4 chairs of the German coaches in the Voice of Germany …. a.o. Nena (who had the international 80´s hit 99 Luftballons), who now is Þórunn´s coach by choice.  Þórunn said as she made her choice that she had a little problem; theoretically she could fall in love with all 4 male coaches, and therefore she went with Nena …. also because Þórunn thought she was the best (…. and turned the first of the 4 coaches).

Þórunn has lived the better part of her life in Luxembourg and aside from Icelandic, German and English she speaks French fluently and of course Luxembourgish.

She charmed her way into German hearts yesterday with Tori Amos song „Winter“ PLEASE CLICK HERE TO VIEW:

The Germans call Þórunn affectionately the little Icelandic Elf cuz of her outfit which she said was designed by her Icelandic designer friend.

Þórunn and her sister who came along to cheer her on were of course ecstatic after the delightful performance!

Þórunn Egilsdóttir

Þórunn Egilsdóttir